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DIY Margarita Flight Board

May 3, 2023

diy margarita flight board

One of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Hilton Head does an amazing margarita flight board. So this year, we decided to recreate our own for Cinco de Mayo! Here is a little step-by-step on how exactly we did so!

Supplies Needed

The first thing we did was measure our glasses to see exactly what size hole saw we would need. I ordered these glasses from Amazon. They worked out perfectly. However, feel free to use whatever glasses you would like. After getting the correct size hole saw and measurements of the glasses, we determined exactly where we wanted each glass to fit onto the flight board. This is an arbitrary measurement, but we evened it out with 1 ¼” gaps between gaps and edges.

Next, we drilled out the holes using the hole saw. Don’t push too hard when using a hole saw to let the blade do the work, or it may jump on you. Another important tip with a hole saw is to get most of the way through and finish the cut from the other side. This prevents blowout on the backside.

Once all of the holes were cut out, we marked out where we wanted the top pieces to land on the bottom pieces. These pencil marks showed us where we needed to run the wood glue. We put a light amount of wood glue evenly distributed on the bottom piece, sandwiched the top piece on, and then tacked it together with an 18 gauge nailer (you can use clamps here and no nails, but we were in a time crunch).

The next step was adding the beveled edge. We could have just cut this on edge on a thicker board, but since we were using two pieces sandwiched together, we cut the beveled piece separately, glued, and shot it on.

From here, we trimmed the edges to ensure everything was flush, then we sanded the surfaces with an orbital sander and broke all the edges. To make things soft and smooth.

margarita flight board

Lastly, we taped everything off to apply chalk paint to the trimmed edge so that we could write with a chalk pen exactly what flavor of margarita was in each glass! Then we tested it by making three different types of margaritas! You can find those recipes below in this blog post.

Here is a step-by-step video of the complete process of our DIY margarita flight board.

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