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EcoSmart Light Bulbs

December 1, 2022

EcoSmart Light Bulbs from The Home Depot
Brighten up your space with this EcoSmart Light Bulbs

I’m a big fan of upgrading often overlooked areas of the home to make subtle improvements that have a significant impact. Light bulbs are certainly an element of the house that don’t get much attention. I have always overlooked this interior design element as I blindly assumed, “they’re all the same, right?” Well, as I’ve learned recently, light bulbs can significantly impact the look and feel of any room.

We recently switched out the fixtures in our kitchen as we wanted to go from brushed nickel to brush, and it was also the perfect opportunity to update our bulbs. Ultimately we decided to go with EcoSmart light bulbs from The Home Depot, which are game changers. I love that the EcoSmart bulbs have an integrated switch that allows me to adjust the bulb’s color temperature to fit any room’s mood. They also offer bulbs with color-changing technology, enabling you to make the exact color adjustment from your existing dimmer switches. You want different rooms to have different moods and feels, so a cozy hangout spot might be warm and yellow, while a garage workshop would be bright and clear for maximum visibility while working.

The other thing I love about these light bulbs is their value. They are all Energy Star Rated and certified for color quality, light output and efficiency. EcoSmart light bulbs are exclusively available at The Home Depot, with a wide assortment of styles, sizes, colors and wattages to fit any need you may have. I recommend you give these a shot next time you want to make a significant visual impact but aren’t up for a total reno!

Check out our new light fixtures and the bulbs we used with each one:

Light Fixtures

Light Bulbs

EcoSmart Light Bulbs from the Home Depot

Check out this video on how easy they are to use!

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