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Lytle Hotel: A Perfect Staycation in Cincinnati

January 17, 2024

Lytle Hotel lobby

Noah and I have always loved to travel and explore new cities. But now with two young children, this can be a difficult task. One solution we have found that we love, is taking local staycations at hometown hotels. All we need is a good overnight babysitter and we can enjoy exploring new food, drink, and hotels in our backyard. Noah and I recently enjoyed spending an unforgettable night at the Lytle Park Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio. From the moment we walked through the elegant lobby doors, we knew this would be a special night to remember.

Our adventure began in the luxurious hotel room that offered a breathtaking view of the Ohio River. We started our night with a curated charcuterie board and a bottle of wine to set the mood. The room’s ambiance, combined with the picturesque scenery, created a romantic atmosphere that set the tone for the evening.

Eager to explore the hotel further, we made our way to the lobby bar. The Summer’s End Cocktail and Noah’s choice, the Mabel’s Manhattan, a smoked drink that left us both in awe. They were expertly crafted and simply delicious. The lobby bar’s chic atmosphere and friendly staff made it an ideal spot to relax and savor the moment.

Subito, Lytle hotel's in-house restaurant

For dinner, we decided to dine at Subito, the hotel’s in-house restaurant. The menu was a culinary delight, featuring an array of tempting options. Our meal included jumbo shrimp, a classic Caesar salad, flavorful short rib Campanelle, a succulent lamb shank, and a decadent chocolate mousse for dessert. Each dish was a masterpiece, and the attentive service only added to the overall experience.

Undeterred by the cold and wet night, we ventured up to the rooftop bar for a nightcap. The views of the city, the meandering river, and the lights of northern Kentucky were simply mesmerizing. The rooftop, despite the weather, offered a cozy and inviting space. This allowed us to appreciate the beauty of Cincinnati from a unique vantage point.

After a magical evening, we retired to our cozy room. The massive bed beckoned us to unwind. And, what better way to cap off the night than with room-service pizza and a Harry Potter marathon? The hotel’s commitment to providing a comfortable and inviting space made our movie night feel like the perfect conclusion to an already spectacular evening.

We ended our stay at Lytle Park Hotel with a room service breakfast that exceeded our expectations. Waking up in the comfort of our room and enjoying a delicious breakfast added the perfect finishing touch to our stay.

Our experience at Lytle Park Hotel was nothing short of extraordinary. From the charming hotel room to the delectable dining options and the stunning rooftop views. Every aspect of our stay was meticulously crafted to ensure a memorable experience. We highly recommend Lytle Park Hotel and Subito to both visitors and Cincinnati residents alike for a perfect date night or a special occasion. This hidden gem in the heart of Cincinnati truly exceeded our expectations and left us with lasting memories of a magical night.

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