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Our Master Bedroom Renovation

May 12, 2022

When we bought our house our master bedroom felt like a basic, 1990’s blah space: nice vaulted ceilings, but otherwise a lot of large blank walls and no character.

We felt like the current layout was seriously underutilizing the amount of space and potential for creativity, so we decided to spunk it up a bit! The plan called for a framed-in fireplace, an accent wall, new wall-mounted sconces, a new fan, new trim and paint.

The total process took about three weeks, but that was broken into short sprints of a few hours here and there working around our busy schedules. We started with interior trim running new baseboards and door casings in a Craftsman style (square edges). Next, we framed up the fireplace, drywalled it and applied a slurry cote of drywall mud mixed with paint. I used a mixture of Sherwin Williams Bohemian lace and Sherwin Williams agreeable grey. Mix 1/3 paint to 2/3 concrete mud to give it a faux stucco/concrete look. The fireplace was finished off by installing an electric insert, adding a rustic cedar mantel and paint. Next, we tackled the accent wall using an asymmetrical pattern of trim and a dark paint to really bring the wall to life. We finished the space by adding wall sconces, a new ceiling fan and a couple Ikea hacks on the furniture. 

So lets dive into all that we did to this space to make it feel like ours!

-Painted walls a bright white, we used the color Bohemian Lace from Sherwin Williams. 

-Added a craftsman style molding for doors and baseboard trim to make the space feel a little less 90’s and more modern. 

-Painted our bedroom doors Agreeable Grey from Sherwin Williams to give them a little contrast from the walls

-Added an accent wall behind our bed to add a little bit of movement to the space. Using MDF we added a simple accent wall with a bold color. The color was Prairie Smoke by Magnolia from Ace Hardware

– Moved electric to the wall behind our bed so we could add 2 scones on either side of our bed. 

– Renovated dressers from Ikea to use as nightstands on either side of the bed. You can find that renovation here 

-Renovated an old bookshelf we had from Ikea into an armoire for more clothing storage. You can find that renovation here.

-Added a 50 inch Touchstone electric fireplace. The fireplace itself is electric and is controlled by a remote. It has the ability to give off heat or to not give off heat. Our bedroom was so large and we felt like we wanted something to break the space up and make it more unique. This fireplace did just that! For installation we framed out the fireplace using 2x4s. Lucky we already had an outlet in the place where we wanted to fireplace to go so we didn’t have to add one. After framing we hung drywall and taped and mudded. After finishing of the drywall was complete, we added a faux cement finish to the drywall. We did this by mixing 2/3 joint compound with 1/3 paint and using a drywall knife to smooth it on. The paint color we used was a mixture of Agreeable Grey and Bohemian Lace. I wanted the fireplace to be a light gray and this mixture gave us just that. After two coats the finish looked great. It was then time to add a mantle. We made our mantle out of cedar and kept it unstained or finished. 

-We hung a new fan that gave us the ability to control it from a remote making it easy to lay in bed and turn the light on and off. 

-Lastly, we added new décor, bedding and a new rug. Everything is linked here on my

We hope this renovation gave you the inspiration you need to renovate your own home and make it your own!

Here’s a quick video to see it all come together!

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